Apr 3, 2012

Spring Break Simple Sweetness

My husband has been gone for a couple of days...I miss his handsome face. The kids have been soooo good though, the time hasn't dragged by. I've been full of energy and joy and have been truly delighting in my littles (it's easier to do that when you feel good.)
I got the little baby pool out that I've been saving since my last year clearance find (I think I got it for 4 dollars in September or something?) Anyways, it's always fun to have things stashed away that I forget are there..and then when everyones getting a teeny bit bored....bring the *newness* out with a smile. The kids acted like I had just shown them tickets to Disney World or something...they were that excited about water play.
I went to the kitchen and quickly whipped up a couple pans of blueberry muffins....running back and forth from the kitchen to the front porch so I could moniter my little screaming pool hoppers. The sweet baby bug stayed with his mama...helped lick the spoon and got to munch on pretzels.
My Brady boy has been doing INCREDIBLY well on his spring break. He is being so completely sweet and compliant and has been completely overtaken with creating "movie posters." He takes a piece of paper and draws some elaborate picture of a super hero and then titles it, always is sure to write how many seasons, how many episodes...and how many minutes each episode is. Before he shows it to me I have to guess the title (I get three guesses) and then how many seasons...and so on. It's pretty hilarious and his drawings are getting really good. I think he may have inherited a little bit of his mother's creativity...just maybe? AND another exciting thing to happen is that he got to ride a Spirit Horse at an autism awareness event we went to together this past Sunday. I wish SOOO badly I would have had my camera - he had such great posture and was so brave. The horses were incredibly gentle and beautiful...I would love to someday have him involved in some type of animal therapy....another little thing to add to my wish list for the future.
So, twas a sweet day that ended with muffins and lemonade. I have more good memories to stash away in my heart, and more to come tomorrow. Before bed Brady wanted to created a Woody Woodpecker costume so I'll be working on that in the morning, Trin gets to go to a sleepover, and in the evening I get to pick up my best friend.

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Madeline said...

Sounds like y'all have had a wonderful few days. Single moming it can be tough. It's so nice when the kids seem to get what's going on and everything runs smoothly.

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