May 16, 2012

Wednesday in Aurora

   The last couple of days that we were in Georgia I was honored to take part in my dear friend's wedding. I thank God so much that He allowed me to be there - I can't imagine having been friend's with Havala since I was 9 or so, dreaming about her wedding all through middle school and high school...then college....and NOT being able to see her in a white dress blowing in the breeze. I'm so happy that she is happy ... it was a perfect way to end that "stage" of my life. I'll forever refer to the last 10 years as my "Georgia time." It's nice to know that my friends that I left behind have completed their families....and now Havala is starting hers.
  Yesterday I was super homesick. I kept thinking of our dear elderly neighbors puttering around their yard, trimming their flowers and taking off on their riding lawn mowers to cut their acre of grass. I miss stepping out on my Mt. Vernon porch and seeing the cardinals in the front yard...then looking over to my left and seeing a field with it's lone chicken coop. I loved that sight, I'm so happy that I took as many pictures of a chicken coop that one possibly can. When we said good bye to Virgil and Judy (our neighbors) their eyes filled with tears and they kept looking the sky, at the ground ... anywhere but at my littles and me. They loved us. It must be hard to be that age, to have a young couple come into your life that you share with, swap meals with and lawn equipment...even share in chores - share in the delight of watching barefoot kids playing in the yard and running around in costumes - and then for them to just load up one day in a van and a Penske and drive further away then you've ever been in your 80 years of living. I miss them.
  New memories are being made already, but it will take awhile for me to feel at home. I desperately need to get some pictures of my littles printed off and framed so I can hang then around my house. The stuff in here is all mine....but it doesn't feel like mine. Over time it will ....but I think also since it's a rental I know that this isn't where we'll be for a long time. I guess it'll just take time. I'm so excited to be here and I'm love with the city of Denver and have enjoyed fitting into the family network here so far....but I miss my Georgia trees and my group of friends there. I miss the smell of honeysuckle....but I'm enjoying the dry air that allows me to be outside longer. Pros and Cons.
 Brayden is doing "ok." He's done pretty well with the change but I can sense from all of our littles that they are ready for mom and dad to stop being so busy and to get into a routine and have more structure. So, with that said....that's my goal for next week. I already started this week with a menu plan and a grocery list....tomorrow I'll make a chore list and then probably make a written routine from Brady...and I somehow have to come up with a new reward system hat he will like. He's had at least one major meltdown for the last 4 days and it's been pretty exhausting after all of the other work and taking care of the other three kid's needs. I don't blame him though....and I just try to remember that he isn't yelling and kicking because he's trying to make my life's because the inside of him feels so overwhelmed and distraught he just can't keep it inside any longer. He's so excited about first grade...and it's still several months away. I kind of wish Brady could be in summer school....

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