Jul 1, 2012

Daily Living and a Birthday

Summer days are flying by quickly...the littlest little is getting cuter and cuter (crankier and crankier too with his back teeth cutting.) We're spending lots of time outside playing in the pool and with bubbles - Brady and Trinity play "Mario" every afternoon which gives them about 20 minutes together (usually unsupervised play with those two any longer then half and hour doesn't end well.)
I've been cooking more and more, the kids sometimes join me. This morning Brady mixed up the granola...such a satisfying thing to bake yet semi easy, not too messy for kids, and it's chok full of healthy goodness.

Today I started a *new* schedule for Brady that has a "table time" in it where we all have to do a craft or color, do a science experiment or shape things out of play doh. Today we tried out Fireworks in a Jar...a super easy project that the kids loved. My link thingamigy isn't working but you can find the directions at http://www.icanteachmychild.com/2012/05/fireworks-in-a-jar/
I think each of the kids got to have 6 turns at it (I thought we were only going to do it about three times.....glad I have enough ingredients left for next time!)
Brady and Tristan both were quite entranced....I think this whole *project time* will be great for them and will stretch me to be a little more creative.
I had to share my vain attempt at taking a picture of all the kids. Impossible.
Guess I need to just take pictures of one at a time. :) Little Koala had his birthday and the party was full of good things and good people.
Banana Friendship cupcakes with cream cheese frosting....turned out pretty swell if I do say so myself. Tristan was pleased - that boy knows he loves him some cupcakes! This is a recipe that I made for Trinity's first birthday and then made for ALL of the kids birthdays except for Finn's first. Makes me a little sad to think that the "tradition" was broken but we were moving around his birthday and my whole kitchen was packed...he got something from Costco. :(
His *Celebration of Life* table...three candles, three roses and a little card that was on his basinet at the hospital.
He got so many nice gifts, all things that he loves. Crayons and bubbles, a wooden puzzle and a Mr. Potato Head...and a LOAD of cash (someone will be getting some new blocks and a pair of shoes here shortly.)
And then we all went out and watched the kids swim and enjoy time with their Great Uncle Greg (he and his wife had just arrived form North Caroline that morning. )
And there was watermelon and watermelon covered bugs...
Granddaddy trying to show Tristan how to use his new bubble wand....
Bug decided that he would just keep that gift....

I'm so thankful for the little 8 lb baby that God gave to Zac and I three years ago. I love his sweetness, his cuddliness....the way he pats my back when he thinks I'm hurt and says "are you okay mama?" I love the way he climbs and jumps...is constantly active mentally and physically. And lets face it....he's pretty much a "looker." God gave us a GOOD gift when He gave us Tristan River.

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