Aug 4, 2012

Thankfulness In August....

1. For hair that can go up into a braided knot and please a little boy tremendously because his mother slightly resembles "Padme" off of Star Wars III (he said it, not me)
2. Eyes that see, ears that hear(semi well), and lots more gray in my hair then last year
3. Fair freckled skin that remind me of my heritage
4. Cool shady spots...our patio outside where I sit and watch birds (saw a hawk fly over our yard yesterday.)

5. For intense steely blue eyes that pierce my heart
6. For HIS fair freckled skin, reminding me that he is from me and a gift from God
7. Brown hair, sun streaked with sparkles of red...that falls just slightly over his left eye

8. Summer storms that move in suddenly and cool the earth
9. Soft rain pattering on our awning, reminding me of the tin roof I grew up under
10. Breezes that blow through the trees and stir the leaves, nature's wind chimes

11. A warm soup on an unexpected cool evening
12. Farmer's Market veggies, pesticide free....nourishing and hearty
13. Fresh dill, my new "snappy" herb

14. Homemade wheat rolls seasoned with rosemary from my herb patch
15. Little kids that can't keep their hands out of the bread basket
16. The homey smell of fresh baked bread wafting up through the basement
17. A basement I can bake in and keep the upstairs cool *spoiled*

18. The gift of purple roses
19. Walking outside in the morning to a yard full of birds, bumble bees buzzing around the corn, and sprinklers watering the flowers
20. A little girl obsessed with flowers like her mama, always putting them in her hair

21. An evening game of ball, all kids involved and having fun
22. Little chubby legs running around the yard, trying to keep up with his older brothers and sister
23. Long lanky legs leaping, a reminder that there IS Roberts in the blood
24. Blue sky and wispy white clouds

25. A girl that loves to balance
26. A ready smile and a giving heart
27. Hand me downs from others = perfect play clothes for kids that PLAY (the real kind of play)

28. Make up free days, no one where to go - just me and mine growing and learning to love each other more and more
29. Four babies that fill my heart with love so full and so deep sometimes I can barely breathe.
30. A son getting so big he can hold the baby
31. A daughter so energetic and so helpful, God gave her to me at the exact RIGHT time
32. A Koala still so cuddly, I don't mind if he still thinks he's a baby (I like it that way)
33. A baby that gibbers all day long about nothing in particular
34. A bowl full of potato salad
35. Cupboards full of whole foods
36. A love for good things
37. Rearranged furniture...a makeover for free
38. rain boots
39. Warm quilts, rolled up and waiting for fall
40. The perfect reading chair doused in sunlight
41. A family room perfect for our little family
42. A couch that doubles as a bed...not feeling as bad about saying "you can sleep on the couch."
43. Pictures...a forever reminder of treasure

44. Making room in the dining room for an unexpected gift from my love...coming soon
45. A teapot used every day, a reminder of my favorite tea house and all of my many scones gobbled down with my dear friend
46. A bug in the corn and a bug that LOVES corn
47. little barefeet
48. Faded chalk on the walkway...a reminder of ANOTHER special day of child's play
49. A little necklace that hugs a precious neck
50. A daughter that love to dance, barefoot in the grass ...just like the little girl in my dreams from years ago.

1 comment:

Toplovs said...

"In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God."

Good list!! :)

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