Dec 18, 2012

A Friend

 Christmas is just around the corner...and I'm not busy in the least (at least not with Christmas stuff.) I declared this year an "unhandmade Christmas" - sad, I know. Next year will be different...I will start early, I will be creative...I will get crafty. I will fully embrace the "Lover of All Things Christmas" Alyssa.  But that's not why I'm writing.
 I wanted to say that the last few days have been challenging since our van broke down. I guess normally under such conditions I would have been upset...worrying about the cost and the inconvenience. This time I just told God, as I was driving to go pick up my littles who were sitting by the side of the road "I know that it's going to be ok and that you already know about all of this. I'm fine with it." And I was - and I didn't worry...and I still don't feel too inconvenienced.
 The difficulty came when I was needing to be able to get Brayden home from school. It was cold out and I figured (this was Monday) that I could just bundle the kids up real well, weather the storm and we would all come back and have muffins and cocoa. Imagine my FREAK OUT when I realized that my baby carrier was left in the van. My only option would have been to push Finn in the stroller, but that wouldn't have left me any free hands for Tristan and at this point (with his behaviour) it just wouldn't be safe to walk on the busy road. I thought about it...made a couple phone calls and I couldn't really find anyone who could help me.
 Then I remembered Amy. You may remember me talking about how Trinity has a little friend Sophie? Well, Amy is her mom and we get together about once a week so the girls can play. I really enjoy Amy but our friendship has never gotten to the "favor" level. I took a chance and called her up and she was completely willing to bring her two kids over to watch my kids so I could walk and pick up Brady. Score.
 But then today again, I was stuck in the same situation. The van isn't fixed yet, the weather was even colder....and after phone calls I still had no options. Then I checked my e mails and there was one from her and an offer to watch my kids again if I needed help. I took her up on it.
 I have a friend. And not just any friend...a friend who brought me HOMEMADE eucalyptus and peppermint bath salts in mason jars...that kind of friend. A friend who has a daughter with sensory integration disorder so we kind of "get" each other. A friend who's children enjoyed my whole wheat zucchini muffins...that kind of friend.  A true kindred spirit. One of my prayers has been answered.
 And for tomorrow...there could be 4-6 inches of snow...still no van...Brady gets a birthday snow day.

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deeps said...

but at the same time it will be a wonderful Christmas for you :)
a friend

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