Dec 19, 2012

A Christmas Light Walk - Just Joking

  We headed to the Denver Zoo to see their lovely Christmas lights display - with a quick stop at Starbucks for their Buy 1 Get 1 free coffee special.  Who is that handsome man with that awesome car walking in my direction?
  Oh's my husband. I'm glad I have him and not that car (it was pretty and shiny but wouldn't stay that way long after my four kids were strapped in. Never mind..there wouldn't be enough room for them to be strapped in. I wonder how much the car insurance would be every month?)
  There are two ways in this world to make me extremely happy (maybe three). One, buy me a cup of coffee. Two....not drinking a "special coffee" for weeks because of the price and then having one for half the price. It makes the caramel brulee that much better.
  I'm guessing the zoo lights were spectacular...we saw them from the gate but didn't get to go in. There was nice large sign with the prices listed (we thought it was free with our membership) and we decided that it wasn't worth 40 dollars to walk around in the freezing cold with boys that would probably be overly stimulated. Instead we told the kids..."oh look, there are lights up there by that sidewalk...." and we directed them in that direction. The thought that was fine.
  So, to make the night not a total "fun flop" we got them a Papa John pizza....also probably not a great choice for our boys behavioral stuff (I've been learning alot about the casein/gluten free diet for autism but I'm not quite ready to leap on it yet.)

 Twas a good evening and I was happily surprised that Brady didn't freak out over the change of plans...the 20 degree weather might have help persuade him.

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