Dec 21, 2012

Just Before Christmas

  For us Christmas is coming in just a couple of days. Zac is working Christmas Day so we're going to have our "Eve" on Sunday and our "Day" on Monday. :) Stockings are hung and beginning to bulge, waiting for our littles to be surprised with chocolates and music boxes and little books.
  Trinity is still doing a little bit of school here and there this week...but mostly just crafting. :)
  Are tree is fuller then ever since the kids added the candy canes. I don't care too much about adding candy canes but they seem to think that a tree MUST have them. So it does. :)
  The living room is so festive and glowing at night - a lovely place to dance with the littles and read stories and drink tea.
  And our Colorado Christmas Snow came early....supposedly it's coming back. :)
  Zac got to display his manly skills and shovel out the driveway before he left for work. I just love that man in a beanie hat and a sweater.
  I  made the chocolate pretzels today and tomorrow we are starting on gingerbread houses made out of graham crackers. We aren't actually EATING our gingerbread houses so I think the easiest and cheapest way is going to be best for this year.
  And look who I found at Goodwill. There he was, standing on the top shelf...staring down at me all jolly and rosy and so stinkin' cute...and half off. I whisked him away to the front counter, just laughing away and making the kids laugh. When we got home I took him out for a photo shoot and let him know that he will be part of our Christmas' forever.
 With eyes so twinkly and hair so snowy white I'm not sure how anyone could have given him away.
I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday time.

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MOM said...

Oh, the old fellow is so CUTE! If Granny Toole was alive she would want to steal him fromyou. She loved Santas, elves, and such. I loved the photsos. You guys are having a picture perfect White Christmas, huh!?

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