Jan 24, 2013

Dear Sunshine...

  Hello gorgeous sun....you are invited to a picnic. This isn't just any picnic...its an opportunity to watch a stuffed bear come alive and talk while viewing a gorgeous centerpiece of "aged" poinsettia...listen to the monkey gibberish of a very THREE little boy, and to see quesadilla being chewed frantically as if it was the best meal in the world...and the eaters are starving.
  You will have the opportunity to shine down on golden hair, make soft pale cheeks vibrant and rosy - highlight little eyelashes "just so."
  Because of you , dear sunshine, the mother of the family MIGHT be feeling creative. She might put on her boots and go out in the leftover snow to find a fallen branch and make something lovely out of it.
  Dear Sunshine, because of you a very small brown baby could use a sun bonnet and little dress .... shine on us as we craft and create.
  The kitchen is full of sunshine as we roll out warm dough and push our hands into it's soft suppleness....
  Little faces smile and appreciate being able to run outside and build up an appetite for a sweet treat.
  And then the warmth of the oven mingles with the warmth of the air and the Cinnamon smells fill our home - and we thank Jesus for a sunny day.
  And I may just have felt inspired to fill jars with goodness and to organize...there. Doesn't that look nice? Organized cabinets...ahhhh. Nothing better the being able to see your beans and rice and flours and sugars and coconut...and my favorite is the teeny tiny jar of coveted semi sweet chocolate morsels. Yummm. I love how "wholesome" it looks.
 But the first picture still wasn't good enough - so I solved my dilemma and created more counter space by moving the microwave. There then, that's perfect. I already cooked a lovely soup and having that space next to the stove was so helpful I'm not quite sure why I didn't move that big electric box earlier - microwaves are so very ugly.
 We hope all of you had a nice day full of loveliness and hopefully...just maybe...a teeny bit of sunshine?

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