Jan 14, 2013

Goal Monday

  Last week I bit off just a little more then I could chew...I almost got it done though and it was refreshing living each day "purposefully." I had gotten into a rut of the day just passing me by and at the end of the day I didn't really know what I had done...except for sweeping up crumb after crumb, making up *slap together* meals, and feeling generally unaccomplished.
This weeks goals are some of what I didn't get done last week:
- make homemade laundry detergent (I was missing an ingredient so I can pick it up this week when I go to the store.)
- exercise 3 times
- read four chapters of my Philip Yancey book (I only got through 4 chapters last week...I don't have that much time to read so trying to read two books was impossible for me.)
- Read two chapter of Created to be His Helpmeet (love love LOVE this book.)
- Start embroidery hoops for the boys room ( this way I will get to craft and also work on decorating their room thriftily.)
- finish reading through a book with Trinity/ daily home school
- make a batch of granola
 I have a meeting this week with Brady's school so I will need to prepare for that, I also am having a VERY difficult time with my Tristan. He is becoming a little more "aggressive" and is having frequent meltdowns which is different for him. Last week we took him in for his hearing test and it went really well...he was a champ! He sat still through all of the testing and he has GREAT hearing...he could hear at 10 decibels which I guess is super good. So...no concerns with the hearing. The lady who is helping me get both boys services through our insurance called me and has set up my referral with a autism team close to my house...so I'm just waiting for those appointments to start. Right now we are in the waiting stage.
 Brady had a horrible week and weekend. He had meltdown after meltdown and everything in his life...from his food taking 2 minutes to prepare to not being able to find something (even though it would be right in front of him) was very hard for him. He was speaking more monotone then normal as well - I'm guessing some of it could be from the change in weather. Either way...it was challenging for our whole family so here's hoping this week is a little more "light."
 And(sob) ... my juicer broke. I know it's just a *thing* but it's something that is a huge deal to me and is part of my daily life. So...I'm watching a few on craigslist but will have to save up for it. I'm guessing today I will get to posting some items on e bay to maybe help cover some of the cost! I know now after juicing for a whole year that it will definitely be part of my life for a long time so I don't mind investing in a nicer one now...
Oh...and I already accomplished one of my monthly goals! Tristan and Finn are now sharing a room and I know Finn loves it - Tristan is "ok" with it so I guess I'll take it!

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