Jan 11, 2013

Thankful Friday

  I'm thankful for...

~ Having my very own Dr. Seuss "who"
 ~ Hair parted down the middle, two bobbing braids...cozy sweaters with big silver buttons
 ~ Handmade thrift shop treasures. To some...a bit tacky - to me...a picture of my dream.
 ...a clothesline to hang my wash, a front porch to sit and enjoy the sun...flowers for Trinity to pick and a tire swing for my boys to play on...and a weeping willow because that's Zac's favorite tree. I'm glad whoever it was that worked so hard stitching these tiny stitches will never find out it was marked "$1.99" on the back.
 ~ for 55 degree weather in January and kids who just won't give up their Georgia ways (barefoot forever!)
 ~ a little boy who can finish his math homework in 2 minutes...who always loves whatever I bake...and has to have a cup of tea when he comes home from school. It use to bother me that he always has to be shirtless but NOW...I'm thankful I have less laundry (wink wink.)
 ~ Three sets of tiny helping hands and a little girl child that says to me daily "mama, have any chores you could use some help with?" Breaks your heart...
 ~ The ability and the blessing of trying new recipes that turn out SO well despite the surprise ingredients (brownies made out of black beans? Who would have thunk it?) They are delicious.
 ~ Another thrift store treasure - a block of wood painted by some aspiring artist (i think it's acrylic paint?) and once again....$1.00. I smile every time I see it in my window sill and when it's cold and grey outside I kind of transport myself walking down that road to the barn, in high rubber boots and with a basket of something - I'm not sure yet what it is that I'm carrying but it seems important.
 ~ A snowy day in January (just one day after the barefoot picture) and catching snowflakes on little tongues...
..and in eyelashes.

~ for enough money to take care of us today
~ For a husband that loves to see me everyday and genuinely misses me when he's at work
~ For morning blueberry pancakes and hot coffee
~ for a freshly mopped kitchen floor

And my goals are coming along. I learned to make survival bracelets...I've exercised two times and still have tomorrow and Sunday to get it my other workout. I've read 5 chapter in the Yancey book so I won't be able to finish it in a week. It's a really good but rather intense. I've read two chapters in Created to Be His Helpmeet and I've done lots of schooling with Trin.
 Now to enjoy the snowy weekend and hoping that you and yours will be blessed.
*~Alyssa Spring~*

1 comment:

Toplovs said...

Right now it might be a tiny-winy bit bothersome when our little girls ask to help out with chores, but the time we invest in showing them now, will be of great benefit as they keep growing (this is what I tell myself anyhow). :)

I also have a black bean cake recipe, but it actually tastes more like brownies. It's been a while since I've pulled it out.....

We all have so much to be thankful for, thanks for reminding us!

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