Jan 8, 2013


 Everything is better with tea. I drink at least three cups a day - and I've got my littles on the same track too (the right track.) Any time one of them is feeling overwhelmed or tired, a little sad or in need of some quality time...on goes the kettle! I dream of having an herb garden someday and making my on infusions - it will happen.
 The day was good EXCEPT for receiving Jury Summons in the mail - grrrr snarl snap. When I was in highschool I remember thinking it would be the best thing in the world to be part of a jury - that was before I knew the reality of adulthood and all of the things one must put aside and sort out and change plans in order to be a juror. Right now I'm not quite sure how I'm going to work it out - I called and talked to the commissioner but it wasn't very helpful. I explained my situation with having my kids and not having anyone to watch them all day...the fact that I have kids with special needs and I wouldn't be able to get my son home from school - and basically they let me know that's my problem (they said it nicely.) So..I wrote an e mail and we will see what we see. Right now I'm not liking the *system* very much.
 I made a beautiful pot of minestrone soup this afternoon (I say "beautiful" because it really is...so colorful with the chopped carrots and dark red kidney beans, small creamy colored Nothern beans and deep green spinach - beautiful) and I decided that I really must start making a weekly menu again. So...next week along with my "Goals" I will write out meal ideas and all of you can gag at my vegetarian diet. My plans for this week is to start making my own bread again...beginning tomorrow. :)
And now...to finish my Earl Grey and defrost my rather numb nose...tis chilly tonight.
~sweet dreams~**

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MOM said...

Lovely photos and I must agree- there is not much more sooothing than a good cuppa/cupper...I love hot teas!
God is on your side!! (So I won't fret) Love you and will keep praying.

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