Jan 7, 2013

Goal Monday

  This year I'm going to try and write down my goals at the beginning of the week...for the week. :) I was thinking of doing the oh so popular "goals for 2013" but I just can't think that far ahead....thinking just a week in advance will be difficult enough for this little mama.
So without further ado...
My Personal Goals for this week:
~ To read Philip Yancey's "Where Is God When it Hurts?"
~ To read three chapters of "Created to Be His Helpmeet"
~ To read 1 and 2 Peter
~ Learn to make survival bracelets (they're awesome and will make great gifts)
~ Exercise 3 times
~ start my next embroidery project
~ write a love letter to Zac
 My Mothering Goals:
~ do a craft with Trinity
~ listen to Brady talk about Mario every day...for at least 15 minutes uninterrupted :)
~ Read aloud to each kid at least once a day (that would be four books because they are all at different levels)
~ home school Trinity each day
~ help kids do their own laundry
~ help kids make their beds each morning
~ bible memory (a simple verse for the kids to learn this week)

  And then I think I'll also add a "Monthly Goal" at the beginning of each month. This month's goal is to get Tristan  and Finn to share a room (I started tonight) and I also made the basement a playroom and moved Tristan's bed upstairs and I moved our bookshelf downstairs ( I may or may not be sore tomorrow.) So, my goal is to get the little boys in a bedtime routine, to share a room...and to start thriftly decorating their room.
My Financial Goals for this week is to
~ pay all of our bills for the week (done)
~ save $50.00
~ give
~ keep "extra" spending under $25.00 (this would be the unnecessary things...I'm not talking about groceries, fuel and diapers. :)

~ make homemade laundry detergent
~ take in for his hearing test this Thursday

 Today was our first day back in a routine. Winter break is officially over and I'm going to try my best to purposefully be productive and live life to the fullest this week. If anything else, writing out a list of goals each week will give me purpose and will give me a sense of accomplishment and hold me accountable to do my best at being me. :) What are you up to this week?

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Erin Wawok said...

I like this idea of goals for the week- I really have enough trouble getting through a week, so long-term can be too overwhelming.

I have simple goals for my week:
- start a book my mom gave me
- plan (with B) our anniversary
- buy a desk and organize my office supplies

I always love your posts, Alyssa :) I want to get better at interacting with you through them.

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