Jan 6, 2013

In Support Of Something/Someone Special

As many of you know....April is Autism Awareness Month. This spring, I'm going to celebrate the precious boys in my life and do everything I can to be a part of something bigger. I can honestly say that I never dreamed that I would belong to a community of what I like to call "Special Needs Friendlies." I think it's time for me to just say...here we are world...take us as you find us....or move over! We are going to do our best to represent TEAM CORLEY in the Walk for Autism this Spring in Denver, CO. If you would like to walk with us I would love to send you the time and place (as soon as I have it.) If you would like to contribute to autism awareness that would be awesome! Autism Speaks is an awesome organization that helps to provide resources and supplies and give relief to families who have children with autism. The money doesn't go towards a "cure" - it helps families live the life they have now! Thanks for your help!


Please put in team CORLEY or my name Alyssa Corley in the "search by name or Team" on the left hand side....

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