May 12, 2013

I Believe

 If you by chance were walking around our backyard, you might wouldn't recognize the signs that here. 
 Rocks carefully aligned and nestled in the grass, pools of water sprinkled with flowers, sticks bent and twisted and formed into small dwellings, little bitty pillows and scraps of fabric under bushes. 
 Brady asked me yesterday "Mom, so are fairies really real?"
 My answer? Rather cliche but "they are if you believe in them." 
 And she does...and I hope she does for a long time. I love the magic in Trinity, the belief she has that every occasion is a celebration. I love the way she dances in the grass, her golden hair glowing and her smile and smirks forever on her face. 
  She said to me earlier this week "Mama, this year when I turn six we will need to redecorate my room and get rid of my dolls." She had a brave look on her face. "Oh?" I answered "why would we do that?" She just looked at me like I hadn't a clue "because I'm gonna be big." I thought for a moment and then "hmmm, well you know that some girls like to play with dolls for a long time. If would like to get rid of some that would be fine but maybe lets wait until you are six and then see what you want to do. Besides, I played with dolls until I was at least nine." She looked relieved. 
 Plus, even though she loves her brothers a girl has to have girl things. Boys can be exhausting...or so she tells me. 

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Kaira said...

I'm just thinking about you and how long it has been since you've written.

I hope all is well. <3

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