May 16, 2013

On a Thursday...

      These days have been full of good things. Thrift store finds galore, good food, sunny skies and quiet rains, beautiful kids, early morning quiet times, David Nevue radio on Pandora...lots of good. In order to keep this photo full post as short as possible...small explanations for all of the *specialness.*
...A beautiful framed photo of a waterway in Martha's Vineyard...somewhere I've always wanted to go. Now I can look up on my wall and dream a little - and it's an actual photo...not some Wal Mart mass market print.
 ...a globe for 3 dollars for a little boy who has about 6 different models on his amazon wish list. He's been saving his allowance for his mama surprised him and he can keep his quarters for some future purchase. :)
 ... a wooden cradle for a little girl that's been talking about needing a bed for her "babies" forever. "Oh mama" she said "you made my dreams come true." Be still my heart...
 ...6 wooden bowls for our start of filtering out the plastic in our lives. 49 cents each... can't beat that.
 ...little helpful boys, walking in line carefully balancing bowls of water...
 .... watering our little garden patch and living the good life in their undies and overalls. Thank you God for little boys.
 ...after months of being gluten free, a splurge with homemade cinnamon rolls and cream cheese and honey spread - I had four happy chubby cheeked kids on my hands, and that's how I like it.
 ... and then just as delicious but gluten free, Sweet Potato maple muffins, a yummy snack and enough for tomorrow's breakfast. :) Keeping ahead...and that's DEFINITELY the way I like it. :)
 ... reading together on the couch, the kids talking about all the places they will go someday on road trips, Brady encouraging Trinity as she tries to read the different names of the States.
 ...yummy lunches and fresh fruit. I redid my things in the cabinet to clear and also backed it in fabric to add a little bit of color and homeyness. I love the quilts in their and my white dishes, and it helped clear some space up in the kitchen.
 ... cool evenings and sunshine through my new wind chime from Zac. It makes me happy and that's why he got it - love my man.
 ...a robin chose to build her nest right outside of Trinity's window...we are careful not to press our face on the glass or be to loud. She never leaves them. What a wonderful opportunity to watch nature right here in the city! God is good to us.
 ...leaves. Need I say more?
 ...warm enough days to hang out our laundry and they are dry in 2 hours or less. Here's hoping for a lower electric bill this month.
 ... splashing and twirling.
...warm towels waiting and a swaying porch swing to enjoy a cup of tea or joe...depending on the mood.

 I've been happy. The ol' body is playing some tricks on me and that's been hard on my mood...but God centers me and my family loves me. I try to be my best for them and they are always the best for me I'm full of joy and praying for gentleness and grace with my littles, soft words and lots of praise, a glad heart and to QUIT worrying about my future!!!
That's all for now...

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Anonymous said...

So uplifting:) Glad you guys are feeling better! ~ Jessica

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