Jul 31, 2008

Rough Day

Teething is such a nightmare. My little sweetie was so upset yesterday I could basically do nothing to make her happy. Also she's been fighting sleep so that combined with sore gums..not so good.
Brady could do nothing to make her happy either. :) In this picture it looks like he's strangling her but really he was just giving her a hug. Any sudden movements around her or loud noises yesterday would just make her cry. :( She's doing a little better today.


Toplov Trio said...

Even with a red nose and puffy eyes she still mananges to melt a heart!
Poor Brayden must have wondered what the heck was going on as he was only trying to give Trin a hug!

JLW said...

I know just how that is because Cruz is getting teeth this week too! Poor Trin though, she looks like its REALLY rough!!! :)

I'm going to post a blog about the CVSing thing because everyone keeps asking me. Sorry its taking me so long, this has been a crazy week.

Check the blog for a SUPER DUPER fun update tonight or tomorrow! :)

MOM said...

Poor Trin Trin...I hope this phase passes quickly.

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