Feb 18, 2009

Another Picture

Here's one of my pics of us that turned out well.....Kate edited it for me. However, no one save it because it's not the right format (I'll e mail it to the parents if you want it. :))

Today was super nice just being at home. Zac installed our new ceiling fan....yah!!!! It was wonderful saying goodbye to the 80's....pictures later. I also cooked some delicious Mexican food since it seems to be all we're wanting to eat now.

Thanks everyone for your thoughtful comments to my previous post....it was super encouraging and just what I needed. It's nice knowing that I actually do have people in my life that agree with me on some things....and even if you don't agree with me you don't judge me. However, I'm still going to work on my own self, to just remember that I am an adult and as long as I am walking in the Spirit and obeying God in my life...it doesn't matter one flip what other's opinions are of me. I guess this is why the Bible talks so much about not being a "people pleaser." I guess I'll just have to embrace the fact that I am indeed, gulp, Conservative. :)


Grammy said...

Yes, mam! Send us the pic. It's BEAUTIFUL! Maybe cause the people in it are so beautiful. :-)

emily rhudy said...

you guys look great!

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