Feb 16, 2009

Day 2

The first morning we woke up super early...the moon still high in the sky. That's okay though because we took advantage of the WHOLE day....Zac went for a jog on the beach while I lazily laid around, lit some incense and showered...then I found a channel on tv that was just playing instrumental music so I sat by the open window and had coffee, listening to the waves. SOOO relaxing. I guess I now know why people enjoy living by the beach...except the nice thing about Puerto Vallarta is that you have mountains as well. I know I don't really care for Florida because it's so flat so I've always said that I wouldn't enjoy living in that kind of climate - i may be changing my mind on that one.
The group was going to be having brunch at 11 am but for me that's like lunch time so Zac and I ordered room service to have some fruit and coffee. Okay...I was expecting them to just come and drop off a plate. Instead, the sweet server comes into our room with a cart and asked permission to make our table. Meanwhile I'm still just sitting there in my robe as he chats with Zac, set's our gorgeous table, pours us coffee and then for a last touch lays a hibiscus flower on the table. Gosh....once again feeling like a queen. Sometimes I almost felt guilty the way everyone was treating us...like they were our servants the entire time - I guess they were in a way.

Zac LOVES the breads in Mexico - he ate his fill. Oh, and can I say that I forgot how delicious mango juice is.

We strolled around a bit still having like 2 hours until everyone else was suppose to be up and eating. :)

Zac loved these little gutter pipes with the clay lizards.

From our walk on the beach that morning. Zac jogged out to these rocks and found that they were covered in crabs...he got a little "damp" since the waves really don't slow down. :)

Our group at breakfast - this was a wonderful buffet type restaurant that had everything under the sun. Orange juice with champangne, breakfast burritos, refried beans and quesadillas, yogurts and fruits, nuts galore and fresh granola...pastries and more pastries. After brunch I was suppose to go for a hair treatment at the spa....my one real let down of the trip. We had coupons that the front desk said that I could use for anything in the spa, so I go and book a hair treatment early in in the morning. When I arrive for my treatment and get out my coupon the man there informed me I could only use it for the massages which were very expensive so I would be paying a huge difference. I didn't have a way of calling Zac so I just left and walked around trying to find people since they all had other stuff planned to. I was SOOO bummed for some reason. I almost felt stupid for being so upset because here I was at a lovely resort, treat enough....but I just felt dumb having set the appointment, talking about it with the other women in the group, and then going and being turned away. You know how it is when you have your heart set on something. I may just go sometime in the states to have my hair done, it's been years since I've been in a salon.

The wedding was that night and I can't really post any pictures yet. My pics of the wedding didn't turn out well plus I was videoing the whole wedding for Ben. So, Amanda is going to be sending my a cd so hopefully there will be some good ones of Zac and I on that one. We came out so stiff in our pictures...I don't think I ever truly relax in group settings. When Zac and I are all alone we always get these nice casual shots where we look like ourselves...but then when we are dressed up and are suppose to have nice pics taken we look super cheesy! I hope some of them turned out!!!!


kate said...

almost surreally beautiful :-)

i'm so sorry about your one let-down! i know exactly how you must've felt - that sense of disappointment is a universally bad feeling.

can't wait for the next installment!

MOM said...

WAY COOL! Oh, and I looked at the resort on the website...what a beautiful place!

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