Jun 30, 2010

Celebration of the Littlest's Life

The sun rose a little too early on Tristan's special day...but it was lovely all the same. I (uncharacteristically) left many things for the last minute so I had to have an early start to make sure everything was ready for the 10 am celebration....
The day started with Zac planting 5 trees in our backyard....strange, i know. He was up at 6 am outside digging holes and chopping up huge clods of clay with his pick. Brady loved the action...probably was nice for him to see us actually moving in the morning instead of sitting on the couch in a coma absent mindedly sipping our coffee.

The little man of the day was up early too...sporting his new birthday crown. When i think of Tristan I think of strength like a mountain, steady like a river....always growing and forever changing with the different currents but still remaining the same....remaining a river, staying strong. This is my prayer for his life....that with good times and hard times....finding himself and becoming the man God wants him to be....he would just "go with the flow" but always remain a son of God....keeping himself firmly grounded on truth...but being a free spirit....being unique and lovely, sure and strong. My friend Joy gave me these verses for him and I love them...
"Many waters cannot quench love; rivers cannot wash it away. " Song of Songs 8:7
" There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God, the holy place where the Most High dwells." Psalm 46:4
Tristan's name comes from the Spanish word triste.....but I don't think of him as sad, instead I see him as compassionate and loving. That's the kind of man that he will turn out to be.

The side view....

Happy little boy on his birthday....I think he can tell he's one. :)

And his little red bird for a touch of color and to symbolize a free spirit....but hopefully one that will always find his way home. :)

My day began with packing up the little party favors. I found these cute little canvas bags (i try to stay away from disposable everything if I can help it) and just wrote the names of the guests on the front with a fabric marker. The bags all had stickers, an organic fruit leather, a little party blower, and the girlie bags all had a stretchy headband and the boys came away with a new toy car. I think the total cost for 8 bags with favors was like 6 bucks....maybe 8...so I think that was pretty good for what they got. :)

I left wrapping his gifts for the last minute too. My mom and dad sent some money to Tristan meaning i got to go on a shopping spree. This little wooden spoon was one thing I bought from Tiny Bird Organics and also the little felt ball. I was extremely stoked to find this website because they had free shipping on everything....and it was all very fairly priced. I was going to make him a little ball for his birthday but after I looked at the cost of roving it was actually cheaper to just buy this one....it was handmade in Kenya by little girls - Fairtrade yall. The little mouse was a gift from Joy. :)

The cupcakes were iced...and sampled.

Garland was hung...

For some reason I accidentally uploaded the blurry photo....my deepest apologies. I wrapped all of his gifts in scrap fabric this year...aren't they lovely? There's something so real about packages wrapped in fabric and brown paper with cloth bows....

Celebration of Life table decorated. I like the idea of having one candle placed in the house for each year of life....could get dangerous around age 32 or so.

Brady and Trin with the birthday boy....who was not cooperating very well in the group photo shoot.

Had to add one with Trin's tongue hanging out...it's impossible to not get at least ONE photo of her a day with her tongue hanging out like a German Shepherds. Impossible.

Guests arrived and cupcakes were handed out, the sprinkler was turned on and general chaos began. Tristan devoured his entire cupcake in about 2 minutes....maybe 1. He is now in love with sugar.

Brayden was ecstatic to have friends to play with. He kind of always just runs around in a circle giggling his head off in pure delight....like everyone is playing with him when in reality no one is....well.....all of the kids were like 3 and under....they weren't really into group activities. :) I think this little 4 dollar sprinkler has been the best investment we've ever made....so much fun and kid's are entertained while giving the grass a drink. I will miss our yard so much some day when we move....whenever that may be....sigh.....

Presents were opened on Grammy's quilt under a tree... he got lots of lovely new clothes for the fall. It's so nice to new clothes bought just for him....not always big brother's hand me downs.

So, the day was a success. A little too much sugar and lots of sunshine....laughs and fellowship....pretty clothes and new sippy cups (thanks Grammy and Granddaddy)and lots of activity. We ended the day with burgers from Red Robin....another uncharacteristic move on my part....but oh my gosh so delicious. I've been craving burgers here lately....Tristan LOVES anything he can eat so he was fine with our dining choice.
Happy Birthday my little Koala. You are such a delight and have been such a source of comfort to your little mama's heart....you always will be.


CorleyAunt said...

Wonderful...absolutely and fer reals! Thank you for taking the time and energy to share all those special days with us who can't be present in body! Love and hugs to all,

Aunt Robin

The Toplovs said...

Happy b-day to little Tristan. I couldn't help but notice how long Trin's hair is, all piled up so cute on her head.

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