Apr 7, 2011

Third Appointment

I've been a bit brain dead in the evenings...thus the long gap here between this post and my last. I forgot to write about Brady's last appointment...and really there isn't a whole bunch to tell. EXCEPT, the doctor said that instead of testing Brady next week he wants to talk to Zac and I alone. So...maybe some answers sooner then expected?
I've been doing okay since Zac left Saturday night...thanks to my friend Joy and her opening up her home to Miss Trin. She took Trinity for two nights which helped me IMMENSLEY as far as being able to spend one on one time with Brady and keeping the drama down. Trin and Brady's dynamics are rather...welllll....Brady just doesn't do well with other children - including his sister. :( Trini had a great time but I'm glad to have my little girl home.

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