Nov 12, 2011

Trinity Sky...And a NOT Forgotten Birthday

Trinity turned four last month...and I totally forgot to share her special day with the world. So, my sweet Trin....mommy apologizes. You are special and beautiful and bright. You are my sunshine.
Trinity Sky was born October 29th 2007. She came to us quickly...without much pain - and stole our hearts as soon as we laid eyes on our little rosebud. Some people told me that she was the prettiest newborn they had ever seen - if that was just for my benefit, well, no one knows but I believed it. Perfect little round head, perfect rosy marks on her face - just perfect and teeny and sweet.
Some of my fondest memories are of holding her in my hospital room....she and I all alone - bonding and loving eachother before I had to take her home...before she had to really become part of the world.

I hung banners the night before her party so she could wake up to rainbow colors...her daddy came home from work with two bouquets in his hands- flowers and balloons. She's just a tad spoiled....our one little girl.

Her celebration of life table.....4 lit candles to represent the gift of her four years of life.

And cupcakes...that I for once did not make on my own (thank you Costco.)

We gave Trinity her name in hopes that one day she would choose to live her life to the glory of always know that she not only has God at her side...but His Son and His Spirit. Her middle name Sky represents beauty and change...but also stability because the heavens are always there.

She is growing and learning...she is a compassionate person full of love for everyone. Trinity takes care of her little brothers with a smile...and loves her older brother with her entire matter what his mood that day. :) Sometimes I have felt sad for I'm not spending enough one on one time with attention going to the baby...or Tristan needing potty trained - or Brayden needing my constant direction and patience. But I know that, in the years to come and even the ones she has already lived, that Trin is going to grow up being very nonjudgmental of others...very patient with others shortcomings - her arms always ready to hug and her heart always ready to love. I know this. Happy Birthday my Squirrel....mommy and daddy always love you.

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Toplovs said...

That snow white dress looks familiar as we've had the same in our home. :) Currently Jaida's new "costume" is a wedding dress in her size. I can't remember what Trin looked like as a baby, but she sure is a beautiful girl.

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