Feb 11, 2013


 ...New movies to watch, cuddled up under family quilts and "Mr. Cozy" , hot tea and cookies.
 ...twinkle lights put up AFTER the holidays reflecting the new found joy I've been feeling in 2013. And yes...that is a baby balancing dangerously on the back of the couch. And ,yes, I didn't care.
 .... a new home (not ours) for our much loved brother and sister and their beautiful family. A new place to hang out and visit Alpacas SOON!!!! I mean...who do YOU know with an alpaca ranch?!
 ...a new friendship...and sure that seat can fit two!
 ...a new story, a new hug...a new view. A new day. :)
 ...a new walk with beautiful views...
 ...New poses...
 ...a new hat and mustache (he has to have a mustache everyday now...and it HAS to swirl.)
 ...a new 2 dollar find at a thrift store. Once again I'm finding someone's hours of stitches dirt cheap and I've decided to give it love once again. Every home needs a little bit of not quite beautiful but homey loveliness.
 ...New foods since our gluten days and casein days are in the past for now. We'll see if this works...
 ...a new little purple Beta Trinity promptly named "Blooper." Tristan thinks he IS the fish.
 ...a new bowl (thrift store find AGAIN...BOOMYAH!)
 ...a new evening with cuddles on ANOTHER lovely thrift store find...a striped cotton duvet cover (makes me feel like I'm sleeping in a hotel...a NICE hotel.)
 ...And new experiences - a little girl seeing her mama's wedding dress for the first time in REAL life...she was enchanted.
...And a new place to sit - we all have to get here at some point - better EARLY then NEVER.

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Anonymous said...

Love seeing your mexican blanket on your bed. Miss you down here!

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